Book Launch

I had so much fun at my book launch. My girls decorated the room. They had two cakes decorated to look like my book, and my Pennsylvania daughter made a movie of all three of my TV interviews, and pictures from my last Launch.

Staying Healthy

Healthy Magazine and Media Docs are going to feature my books in their magazine. I am so happy that someone sees my ideas as also ideas that are good for a healthy life as well as a healthy marriage.

Good Start

I got a call from my publicist last night.

He said, “I have good news. We only had 2,000 books and we already have orders for 4,000 so we had to rush to get 3,000 more in stock.”

Great news to have at the end of a busy day.


In the past month, I have been interviewed by ‘Talking With Francesca’ of Boston, Channel 4 ‘The Daily Dish’, The Standard Examiner, The Daily Harold, Salt Lake City Weekly, and a radio station in Salt Lake City. I’m loving this.


I let one of my clients read my manuscript. She took it home and told her husband to read it. That was two months ago. She came in the other day and said, “Sherri, I have to tell you about a miracle in my house.”

I listened intently, not knowing what this miracle was.

She said, “My husband came home yesterday and told me he wanted me to know that he respected me, that he hadn’t shown it in the past.” She said, “Will you think of some chores that you can have me do all the time? Chores that I will have as my own and will do without being asked, because they will be mine?

Hooray! Little by little, things, they are a changen.

Darn Surgeries

When I went to the Doctor, he said I had to have another surgery on my heart. The first thing I said was. “I’M too busy, is it ok if I have it after all of my book stuff.”

He said, “When will that be over? I want you before the summer is over.”

I promised to take my medicine religiously until then.

Bad timing

Taking Out the Trash is a Turn-on

Welcome to the official website of author Sherri Mills and the book Marriage 101 for Men: Why taking out the trash is a turn-on and I Almost Divorced my Husband, but I Went on Strike Instead.


Get out of the doghouse and back into the bedroom by adopting one simple phrase—Help isn’t helpful. Whether you’ve been married for three months or thirty years, failing to “help around the house” remains a major cause of discord. Following this book’s principles, a husband learns to decrease disputes and increase intimacy by owning his share of household work, not helping his wife do it all.

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