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Praise for Marriage 101:

“This book proves an old (married) dog can learn new tricks.”
Charlie Johnston

“Every household needs a copy of this book! . . .  Mills’ s down-to-earth solutions are just what every husband needs to make his marriage painless and successful.”
Mandi Tucker Slack, author of The Alias and Tide Ever Rising

“This book is just what I have been looking for.”
Dr. Greg Cowen, LCSW

“Sherri Mills is at it again, balancing relationships and ultimately saving marriages . . .  tackling the intimacy puzzle head-on. Easy to read, easy to understand, and even easy to implement, this is a must-read for couples at all stages of their marriage.”
Stephanie Worlton, author of Everything You Need to Know about Girls Camp and Hope’s Journey

Media and praise for I Almost Divorced my Husband, but I Went on Strike Instead:

Studio 5 segment with Dr. Liz Hale and guest Sherri Mills on the subject of Marital Strike and the story of the Mills Family Strike.

“An innovative method of cutting off the dead ends in your marriage and creating new life.
As a hairdresser, Mills had the advantage of being immersed in her clients’ lives for generations—when they sat in her salon chair, they shared their secrets. “Often, when paying for a haircut,” she writes, “a client would joke, ‘Now what do I owe you for the therapy session?’ ” The author witnessed firsthand the fallout of splitting up, the waves of negativity that continued even after divorce was finalized and how people were destined to repeat their problems in the next relationship because of all the baggage they brought along. So when Mills’ own marriage became strained, she turned to the information she’d gathered from her clients’ experiences and conceived a clever way to solve her domestic distress. To remedy the underlying communication issues that made it impossible for Mills to get her point across to her husband and children, the author went on strike. Since her husband understood union contracts, she presented him with one that addressed their needs. The author couples personal anecdotes with clear instructions on how to conduct a successful strike. The book is designed for the busy reader; each chapter can be read individually and concludes with bullet-point reminders highlighting the best advice. She includes not only her contract, but also sample chore lists and a chart that predicts which results will occur when communication is ineffective. A solid blueprint for a successful relationship.” —Kirkus Review

Article in Redbook: Should You Go on a Wife Strike?

“I have worked with women who were chronically depressed, angry—even suicidal—over the double-duty double standard of householder work. Sherri Mills has fortunately decided to share her own innovative solutions to this problem, which she presents in interesting and straightforward form. Her ideas are easy to read—and to grasp, and I can think of many clients to whom I would gladly recommend this book. I genuinely appreciated her sharing it with me. I have learned more from this little book than some of the very expensive professional conferences I’ve been to.”
Dr. Angel Casey, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“I plan on assigning all of my marriage counseling couples to read Sherri’s book after our first session. Her book contains useable and tried techniques that can save a troubled marriage and improve a functional one. This book is a “must read” for every married couple.”
Dr. Karl Kraync, Licensed Professional Counselor

“As a mental health professional I continue to hear similar stories from women who are struggling with depression and homemaking burnout. I am excited to be able to use the information contained in this book to help my clients as well as others I may come in contact with who are struggling.”
Dr. Mellie Patterson, Mental Health Professional

“Sherri comes across as very likeable and smart without being preachy. Someone I would like to know. Her book is relevant and interesting, has good content, solid examples and she moves through it in a logical way. I think she was meant to tell this story; I am using it in my life.”
Lisa Hubbard, Author and College Professor

“This is definitely a self-help treasure. A 5 STAR BOOK. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of this book.”
Review Maven

“What could be clichés in another authors hands here read like a stirring novel. Sample chore lists, reminders (of what works and what doesn’t), and a marriage contract round out an excellent resource.”
Library Journal

“I enjoyed this book on so many levels, including the courage it took to “go on strike” and renegotiate her contract. And the loving non-judgmental voice in which both men and women are described. I recommend the book for all couples. In fact I’ve just ordered a copy for my new daughter-in-law. The book is terrific.”
Patricia Davis, author and public speaker

“You have really got something here. Stay well, we really need you around.”
JoAnn Lordahl’, author and PHD from Hawaii

“When Sherri’s book is published, I plan on assigning all of my marriage counseling to read the book after our first session. Sherri’s work is empowering, powerful, practical and yet simple. It contains useable and tried techniques that can save a troubled marriage and improve a functional one. This book is a “must read” for every married couple.”
Karl F. Kraync, M.S. CRC, NNC, LPC Licensed Professional counselor

“This book should be a standard for all people wishing to obtain a marriage license, those who attend marriage classes, and those people in troubled marriages that are attending counseling classes. Kudos’ Sherry, for your progressive ideas.”
Claudia Felice, a secretary

“I know Sherri has helped a lot of families stay together when times have gotten tough. Whether it be money troubles, drinking, drugs, or other women she has helped people stay on track for years and made them realize what they have is worth saving. I was shocked when she had a book all written, she let me read it and it is wonderfully written, right down to the last word. Thanks Sherri, I really enjoyed it, I truly hope you help a lot of people.”
Sandra Fossat, a client

“Why didn’t I think of this?! So many outbursts and hurt feelings could have been avoided if I had only read this book 30 years ago. I always thought if your husband loves you, he knows your needs. Wrong!!!!! Mine never had a clue. This is a book that actually promotes love and commitment from all family members. It is Wonderful. This book should be a gift to each new wedding from this point forward.
–Clea Cowen, Optometrists Assistant

“Sherri Mills has become a household name to countless families in her community, and rightfully so as she sets out to change households for the better, one home at a time. Having worked with clients too many to mention, some extending from the same family and spanning three decades. Sherri has had a front row seat on the before-and-after pictures of marriages, family and even divorce.
I may be a Licensed Marriage and family Theripist, topped off by a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology; however, Sherri Mills, Psy-Cosmetologist, is the true head expert.
If you are frustated and thinking of leaving your marriage, read Sherri’s book! Don’t change households, change your household! Start today.”
Dr. Liz Hale

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