Life begins again

Just when the interviews, signings and speeches slowed down, My heart did a number on me. I had already had a pacemaker, hoping that would do the trick. Beginning in December, I got weaker and weaker. I had pain in my heart all the time and I was so out of breath that I could barely function. When I went to the Heart Doctor he told me that I had massive damage to my heart and that my heart was extremely enlarged. He made an appointment for surgery.

The morning of surgery I got up brushed my teeth and washed my face and fell to the floor. I didn’t have a pulse and my blood pressure was so low that the machine I had couldn’t read it. I was rushed to our local hospital where they hooked me up, did all of their magic and shocked my heart before they transferred me to Provo. That is where Dr. Hwang did miracles and fixed me right up. It took me a while to recuperate. I turned down interviews because when your heart doesn’t work right neither does your brain. So if I couldn’t think right I for sure couldn’t do interviews, or post to my web sight.

Well life begins again and I hope I can keep up on my postings.

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