For I Almost Divorced My Husband

Mills_familyFirst and foremost, this book is dedicated with deepest love and appreciation to my wonderful husband Gerald, who is comfortable enough in his own skin to let me tell this personal story. He was worth the effort and strain it took to go on strike. He has been behind my project 100%. This book could not been written without his support.

I would like to thank my very devoted daughter Nicole, who spent an enormous amount of her time helping me with my original web site when she really didn’t have the time to spend, and for insisting, to the point of nagging, that I write this book. She always had faith in my ability and knew this story had to be told. She even went as far as sending me the book, ‘How to Get Published’ and wrote, “Mom, one day millions of women will be indebted to you.”

I owe Guy Dumas a debt of gratitude for gently convincing me that just because I didn’t like the computer was no excuse for not writing this book. He told me I could do it all with pen and paper. I did just that.

My grandson Derek is to be congratulated for taking my chicken scratching and for painstakingly translating it all onto the computer.  He was there when I needed him; even if the work took him into the wee hours of the morning to finish a project.

I owe so much to my editor Bianca Dumas, for putting some of her literary projects on hold to work with me. The professionalism she leant to this project cannot be put into words. She knew this story had to be told. This project would never have been finished without her professional help and prodding.

I am eternally grateful for the joy I have received from my best friends forever, (they used to be my children,) Guy, Rod and Nicole. I am also grateful to their spouses.

I would like to express my appreciation to my sister Louise who helped me tremendously with the ‘Teaching Children How To Work’ section. She is the expert in that area. Thank you sis.

I want to thank my grandchildren, Morgan, Derek, Bodie, Braidy, Hailey, Maegan, Hanna and Nathan, for being such wonderful rewards. They inspire me daily.

A special thanks to my other family, my clients who gave me the material for this project by sharing their pain and vulnerability with me. They all knew they could trust me, and they can. All the names and stories have been camouflaged.

One person however chose to be uncovered. It can now be divulged that Marsh O Shea was the person who was my secret co- conspirator and typist at the time of my strike.

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