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Taking Out the Trash is a Turn-on

Welcome to the official website of author Sherri Mills and the book Marriage 101 for Men: Why taking out the trash is a turn-on and I Almost Divorced my Husband, but I Went on Strike Instead.


Get out of the doghouse and back into the bedroom by adopting one simple phrase—Help isn’t helpful. Whether you’ve been married for three months or thirty years, failing to “help around the house” remains a major cause of discord. Following this book’s principles, a husband learns to decrease disputes and increase intimacy by owning his share of household work, not helping his wife do it all.

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New Book

I’m back. I have been working hard all year on my next book. Children of Divorce–our Stories. I am almost ready to submit it. This is going to be a compelling book. Thirty nine children shared their innermost thoughts with me in their letters.

I have quite a few friends on Facebook so I put a questionnaire on Facebook and asked children to write their feelings after their parents divorced. I received three in so many months. However, I persevered and although it took almost ten months I couldn’t have asked for better results. These letters even gave me a whole new perspective on what these children go through.

Divorce From a Child’s Point of View

Every time I post something about the letters I need for my new book, I receive a couple more. I hope I can rally up a few more to get busy and get their letters to me.

Remember, the letters will be completely confidential. I really do believe that children need a voice.

Mom’s; you can have a stamped addressed envelope ready for your child to put the letter in and mail it without anyone reading it.

Letters From Children of Divorce

I have received so many letters from children who’s parents are divorced. Some of them make you want to cry. The letters are for my new book, (Divorce from a Child’s Point of view). There are still quite a few questionnaires that haven’t come back to me, so Anyone else who wants to write a letter, please contact me at sher@emerytelcom.net. Specify; letters about divorce.

Men are not the enemy

I had a conversation with one of my clients today. After hearing of her sister getting a divorce because her husband wouldn’t do anything around the house, she was livid.

She said, “Sherri, I think men who act that way are basically evil and there is no way to change them.”

I said, “It’s just as much our fault for letting it happen in the first place. Men aren’t evil they have just been misinformed, by us and by society.”

I think I am going to have to talk to her more to convince her.

Life begins again

Just when the interviews, signings and speeches slowed down, My heart did a number on me. I had already had a pacemaker, hoping that would do the trick. Beginning in December, I got weaker and weaker. I had pain in my heart all the time and I was so out of breath that I could barely function. When I went to the Heart Doctor he told me that I had massive damage to my heart and that my heart was extremely enlarged. He made an appointment for surgery.

The morning of surgery I got up brushed my teeth and washed my face and fell to the floor. I didn’t have a pulse and my blood pressure was so low that the machine I had couldn’t read it. I was rushed to our local hospital where they hooked me up, did all of their magic and shocked my heart before they transferred me to Provo. That is where Dr. Hwang did miracles and fixed me right up. It took me a while to recuperate. I turned down interviews because when your heart doesn’t work right neither does your brain. So if I couldn’t think right I for sure couldn’t do interviews, or post to my web sight.

Well life begins again and I hope I can keep up on my postings.

Busy life

I haven’t posted for quite a while. Besides working full time, I have been doing interviews on the radio, TV and for print media. So many people have been excited about all of this information getting out that I have been busy answering phone calls, Emails and even personal visits to my Salon. Folks begging me to keep going and to be their voice. I plan on doing that for the rest of my life, changing the world one household at a time.
Almost every marriage can continue to be happy if we all just work hard to make it happen.

Some exciting stuff

A lady came in my Salon yesterday and told me she had been looking all over the house the day before (for my new book that she had bought from me).

She said,” I finally found it. It was on my husbands nightstand and the book mark was almost to the end.” Then she said, “When I talked to him he said that he loved the book and wanted me to buy one for each of our children.”

Made my day.

Book Launch

Kings English book store is hosting a book launch today for my new book, ‘Marriage 101 for men–Why Taking out the Trash is a Turn on’. I am really excited. This little book store is so quaint. It’s the cutest one I have seen yet. I appreciate so much that they are letting me sign there.

Book Launch

I had so much fun at my book launch. My girls decorated the room. They had two cakes decorated to look like my book, and my Pennsylvania daughter made a movie of all three of my TV interviews, and pictures from my last Launch.